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FMT with LTC Connectors Cost Less to Buy and Less to Assemble.
UL (R) and Chicago Electrical Code Approved.
Available in 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch trade size.

One-piece liquid tight connector - screws into the flexible metal tubing - liquid tight, smoke tight and dust tight!
The tubing cuts and imbeds itself into the tough rubberized polymer gasket for an absolute seal.
Installations are faster and easier
with no lost or misaligned parts..
No special tools required - oversize hex nut.
Liquid tight seal can be readily seen in the gasket for positive visual inspection.

FMT-38 Connector fits standard FMT Conduit
FMT-38 Connector
FMT Plenum Whips with Liquid Tight Connectors
FMT Plenum Whips with Liquid Tight Electrical Connectors
UL listed Chicago Approved FMT Plenum Whips with Liquid Tight Connectors