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LTC Pre-assembled Greenfield Whips
UL (R) listed in the Upper Range of Specifications

UL (R) listed throughout
Flexible steel or aluminum conduit bends easily without tools.
Extra thick conduit walls for greater strength.
Hot dipped coating for better insulation.
State of the Art Cutting produces de-burrred ends for better fit and safer handling.
Choice of internal or external fittings; insulated or non-insulated.
Large hex nuts for a tight seal; Precision threaded ends.
Rugged steel locknut resists breaking.
Finest grade wire; solid or stranded. Color coded and secured in place. Available in 2,3 and 5-wire configurations.
6 inch leads allow for easy connections. (Custom leads available)

UL approved greenfield whips
LTC Greenfield Whip
UL listed LTC Greenfield Whips
UL listed LTC Greenfield Whips
UL Listed LTC Greenfield Whips